THE HAVEN - BLAGDON - House For Sale

Blagdon Village, Chew Valley, North Somerset

Stunning, Uninterrupted Views Overlooking Blagdon Lake and Chew Valley

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The Lounge Window
Windows and doors
All of the outer doors and windows are UPVC, with high security locks. Rosewood on the outside and white on the inside.

The only door I won't have done is my front door. I have never really liked the idea of a plastic front door, so that is mahogany with clear glass, and the inner porch door is also mahogany but with lincoln glass, which gives a little privacy into the inner hall space.

All the other doors open OUTWARDS. This includes the kitchen door, the utility door and the balcony door. There are a lot of benefits to opening a door outwards instead of inwards.

Capturing a summer breeze and drawing it into the house. Even if the wind is the wrong way for this, still opening the door into the breeze creates a vacuum in the room that draws the air outside and changes it from within, such as through an open window, or the air vents inside the room.

We used a company called Sherrington from Kelston, Nr. Bath. Unfortunately, Sherrington has gone, which is a real shame, because some companies go above and beyond what you would expect from them in their services and business practices, and Sherrington's was one of those companies it was a pleasure doing business with.

Subsequently, I think that was a good decision, because, to date, not one of the panels has broken down, the uPVC is still in excellent condition, colour fast and looking good, and all the locks are as good as when they were installed. Of course, I maintain them regularly, first by cleaning them regularly, inside and out, but also by lubrication. Every year, or twice a year if I can't remember when I last did it, I lubricate all the locks, sliders and rods with oil.
French Window with Oak Lintel, Opens Out to Show the View    Small Bedroom Window
All of the glass has the Pilkington K layer to reflect heat back into the house, which was an optional extra at the time, but is now part of the Fensa requirements and fitted as standard. Door locks and handles and window handles were all done in gold (not real (unfortunately)).

It's a shame when honest, hard working companies go under, usually because of cash flow problems rather than anything they have done wrong, and the fly-by-nights seem to go on and on, ripping people off with impunity.

I know, pictures of windows can be really boring, so I will get this over with, but the largest of the house windows, is clearly seen on the main 'home' page. These are some of the others, with the outside picture showing the Rosewood finish.
Main Bedroom Window    The Windows Outside Showing the Rosewood Finish

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