THE HAVEN - BLAGDON - House For Sale

Blagdon Village, Chew Valley, North Somerset

Stunning, Uninterrupted Views Overlooking Blagdon Lake and Chew Valley

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The Patio Doors Leading to the Rooms Under the House
Extra Rooms Under the House
This may seem a bit strange but as the house is built on a slope it is officially classed as a bungalow, but there are two prefectly usable rooms on the deeper side of the house, the side that faces the lake. Because of the way charges were set up years ago, the previous owner took out the staircase and so access is by a door under the house.

When I was rather more able bodied (ie, before my accident that stopped me building), the plan was to reinstall the staircase and turn these two rooms into extra bedrooms, and for Jill to do B&B for the fishermen that come to the area to fish Blagdon Lake.

With that in mind, when the windows were done, we had a very nice set of patio doors set across the entrance way, below the balcony. This makes a very substantial porch area for sitting in and would allow the guests to contemplate the days fishing whilst having their breakfast and enjoying perfect line of sight towards the lake. It is 12ft across and 4ft deep.

Victorian Floor Tiles Whilst doing a job in Bristol, in one of the multi-storey buildings off Park Street, I had to take up a very old Victorian tiled floor. These tiles were beautiful and it seemed criminal to take them to the dump. But on the other hand, years of floodwater had gotten into the basement were these tiles were and most of them were broken beyond repair.

I saved what I could and used them on the porch floor behind the patio doors. The pictures shows them clearly. They are at least 150 years old. The area either side of this small patch of history is quarry tiles, which I managed to get the same colour as the quarry shade in the old ones.

Following my accident in 2001, we turned one of the rooms into a gym, so that I could house and use the equipment I needed for my rehabililtation. It remains like that to this day. The second room has a dirt floor. We did do the walls and insulate the ceiling, but, I'm sorry, I couldn't finish doing the floor.

The gym is 12 x 12, and the porch 12 x 4. The other room further along is 15 x 12. There is also access to underneath the bedrooms at the front of the house which makes useful storage, and there is room for a small washing room, probably with shower, between these rooms and under the hallway above.

The potential here is really good. You could easily turn this into a 4 bed property. You wouldn't need planning as all the work would be going on inside the building, unless you wanted to extend, which is a distinct possibility as we haven't used anything like the expansion potential for this property.
The Gym    The Gym Room

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