THE HAVEN - BLAGDON - House For Sale

Blagdon Village, Chew Valley, North Somerset

Stunning, Uninterrupted Views Overlooking Blagdon Lake and Chew Valley

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The Haven Tiled Roof
Roof and Attic Space
The roof was replaced in 2001.

As a self-employed builder specializing in roof repairs and leadwork, I did this myself and to a very high standard, with no expense spared (I was expecting to retire here and not have to look at it again).

As this was my job in real life at the time, the work was of an exceptional standard and has performed flawlessly ever since. All of the woodwork was replaced and the tiles were all new. I would expect this roof to last at least another 30-40 years without needing to be looked at, baring seagulls dropping heavy objects from a great height, in which case I have plenty of spare tiles for you to replace any broken ones.

Just as an aside, the bottom two rows of tiles have a double layer of felt. The one that goes up the roof and an extra one on top as a sacrificial layer. This stops sun damage reflecting up under the tiles and rotting the main felt layer (the reason many roof jobs don't last very long), and gives extra durability from the ingress of rain, damp and snow. In addition, when the chimney needs repainting, the tiles that run down either side can be lifted to reveal a row of double battens either side, making a sturdy ladder to walk up, thus reducing the chance of any damage by painters etc (I tried to future proof the roof as much as possible).

The roof is close-boarded, meaning that it has an insulating effect in the roof space and also keeps out birds, rodents and/or squirrels etc.

In terms of storage space, the roof is virtually the same size as the entire area of the living space of the house, except for the very edges where the roof meets the floor. Currently I use it as storage for anything I don't want to clutter up the rest of the house and access is very easy, by way of a sturdy drop-down ladder.

It may seem like overkill, but just thinking about the things that live up there are all the extras we buy when they are on offer in the supermarkets. I seem to buy quite a few things in bulk, such as paper for the computer. Instead of 1 ream at a time, I buy 5 or 10 at hugely discounted prices and up it goes. My DVD collection is up there, summer/winter duvets and clothes, my favourite books I don't want to get rid of, the childrens old toys and school memorabilia. Things I can't bring myself to get rid of just yet, you know the story.

Potential for an extra bedroom
I will of course, empty it when I go, but there is potential here to have another bedroom, albeit for someone able bodied to make the stairs. The area in which you can stand up and move around is massive, spanning the lounge, dining area, bathroom and both bedrooms below.

On the other hand, it would be very simple to install a lift to take you upstairs. I have priced one up recently for another job and a one person lift, installed, comes to about 12k. These take up less than half the room of a proper staircase, and in actual floor area, about a quarter of the space. Of course, you can't put doors on the side and make a cupboard underneath, but hey!

The roof is heavily insulated and completely floored out, with power and lighting throughout. All of the inner close boarded wood and rafters are painted white so that the roof space is light and airy and you can see everything clearly. That was more to optimize the storage facility really. If you turned it into a room, you'd insulate between the rafters and put a ceiling over it.

There is a velux on one side and a dormer on the other, from which you can see Weston-Super-Mare sea front, some 15 miles away. Quite why you would want to do that is anybody's guess, but you can if you want too.

Roof Picture of Tiles    Roof Tiles Drive Side
Attic Space: Forgive me, these pictures of the attic are definitely NOT to show you my muddles and storage, but to demonstrate that the stand up area in the attic space is nearly as big as the downstairs rooms from fireplace to fireplace and around 18' from front to back. Easily big enough to make a massive extra bedroom.
The Attic, showing Roof Rafters    The Attic space above the kitchen
The attic space above the kitchen is the full length and width (right picture), giving ample storage area for all those little extras, with easy access via the loft ladder.

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