THE HAVEN - BLAGDON - House For Sale

Blagdon Village, Chew Valley, North Somerset

Stunning, Uninterrupted Views Overlooking Blagdon Lake and Chew Valley

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Blagdon in the Winter
Points of Interest Not Covered Elsewhere

Security Storage Area
I don't want to give away any details here for obvious reasons, but there are several areas that are useful to store personal or valuble items, such as the 7-lever floor safe buried in several feet of concrete. Two other areas are designed with security in mind including one outside. These have been designed and built by the current owner. All are fireproof and away from areas of water ingress. Of course, I will only share the location of said areas with the confirmed new purchaser, NOT during viewings.

Flood Risk
There is NO flood risk. The Haven is high up on the side of a hill and enjoys easy and rapid drainage.

An English Country Shed Ye Olde English Garden Shed
I can't believe how often I've been outvoted when I mention getting rid of this old shed tucked in behind the cherry blossom tree. I think it's just awful, so I price up replacing it with a summer house.

If I dare mention it, many of my patients say things like, No, don't get rid of it, it's a lovely old shed and reminds me one my granddad had on his allotment, or in the back garden. It's just a bit of nostalgia for some, I guess, very old English countryside.

Well, it makes no difference, the thing is waterproof, so there it's stayed.

Guttering and Soffits
All the old cast iron guttering, most of which leaked at every joint, has been replaced with white Square Line. Square Line is a high capacity and popular profile with slightly higher flow rate than the ‘half round’ shape.

The soffits are all done in white. I keep them clean by spraying them with a cleaning solution once or twice a year which keeps them gleaming white.

Emergency lighting throughout - (also covered in services page as it is electrical related)
For those rare times when the rest of the village has a power outage, the whole main living area parts of the house are covered by emergency lighting. So if you ever come home to a power cut, or have one during the winter evening, you'll never be in the dark. No scrambling around looking for candles and matches, or torches.

They are only designed to be 4hr lights, but invariably they last between 6 to 10 hours before the batteries go flat, by which time the power is back on and they charge up again.

Of course, I didn't fit them in the bedrooms. This was so that we wouldn't be disturbed if there was a power cut in the night, but the hallway outside the bedrooms and the bathroom is covered, in case you need to walk there.

Having said all that, a power cut around here is pretty rare nowadays. Our local substation was upgraded several years ago and is now so much more reliable that it used to be.
The Balcony Railings and the Garden    Sunflowers with Blagdon Lake in the Background
Ceiling Fans in all main rooms
The lounge and the bedrooms all have ceiling fans (a bit like Rick's place in Casablanca). At the time I put them in, everybody thought I was mad. In particular, the one in the lounge is a Fantasia fan and is whisper quiet, even when on high speed.

In the summertime they help keep the house beautifully cool, and in the winter, they redistribute the heat around the house so you don't get hot and cold spots. Many is the time when a certain person takes a bath which is too hot and sits under the fan for a rapid cool down. Not their intended purpose you understand, but an interesting second use.

No Street Lights in Blagdon
Blagdon has no street lighting and so there is no night light pollution. A village referendum about 10 years ago or so was 90% in favour of not having street lights in the village.

This means that several times a year you can sit out on the balcony and look into the deep dark sky to witness the meteor showers that encircle the solar system and create a night display whenever we pass through them.

You can also clearly see the Milky Way. If you don't know what that is, I'm not talking about the chocolate bar, but the glow of stars that makes up the centre of the galaxy of which we are a part. Quite something to see, even without a telescope.

The best of the meteor showers are the Perseids and Leonids. The most visible meteor shower in most years are the Perseids, which peak on 12 August of each year at over one meteor per minute. The Leonid meteor shower peaks around 17 November of each year. Approximately every 33 years, the Leonid shower produces a meteor storm, peaking at thousands of meteors per hour.

Of course, if anyone has a firework display including those from Bristol, they are so high in the sky anyway you have a ringside seat.
My Son Jordan and I Painting the Chimney    Blagdon in Summer
Thank you son (Jordan) for helping me repaint the chimney stack. This is a view of Blagdon in the summer.

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