THE HAVEN - BLAGDON - House For Sale

Blagdon Village, Chew Valley, North Somerset

Stunning, Uninterrupted Views Overlooking Blagdon Lake and Chew Valley

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Scene Out of the French Window in the Kitchen
Kitchen and Mini-Diner
The kitchen is pretty large being 23 x 12. It's triple aspect and so is very light and airy. It's got a fully fitted family kitchen.

My wife said I should put that (family kitchen), because currently, apart from scrambled eggs from our own hens, or porridge, I must confess, the kitchen is rather a no go area for me. Perhaps she's trying to tell me something, but frankly I can't stand cooking.

But that may be because I spent my early years in London as staff chef for hotels in Oxford Street, Tottenham Court Road, Euston Rd and Regent St. But that was another life, best forgotten.

The floor is fully tiled, as are the walls, right up to the ceiling. The floor tiles warm up beautifully due to the underfloor heating. There are also two towel radiators at the ends of the units for drying hand towels and things. There are a couple of pictures on the insulation page, which I suppose, by rights, should have been here. The picture above is the view through the open French window.
Picture Coming Here Soon    Picture Coming Here Soon
There are loads of power sockets, more than you will need most likely, but I reckon you can't have too many in a kitchen. The kitchen is wired seperately and with its own supply, so anything you do out there, will not interfere with the rest of the house.

Four 6' flourescent lights, strategically placed, means there are no shadows when you are working at any of the counters, or at the cooker.

There is a double oven Rangemaster 110 (in green) built in, powered by gas, but with mains piezo, clock and warming plate. Cooking smells are carried away by the 3 speed stainless steel extractor fan.
Picture Coming Here Soon    Picture Coming Here Soon
There is plenty of cupboard space, including 3 that double as a clothes airing cupboard. The underfloor heating vents into these cupboards to keep them warm and simulate a proper airing cupboard.

Talking about that, there is a switch on the side of one of the cupboards that operates a fan which sucks out heat from under the floor and throws it across the room at ankle level. This means that on cold mornings you can put this fan on and rapidly accelerate the heat rate drawn into the kitchen from under the floor. Very handy if you are first up in the morning to make the tea! (Yes, I know dear, it's usually you, and thank you most kindly).
Picture Coming Here Soon    Picture Coming Here Soon
The Little Moggies - Ash and Bree
Say hello to two new additions to the Chave household. Aren't they beautiful? Brother and sister, they are about 16 weeks old as of mid January. Bree (left) and Ash (right). I recall with some displeasure collecting them from a barn down on a farm along the A30.

They were completely feral, and would hiss, spit, scratch and generally attack you whenever you went near them. We had to catch them with a big net and shove them in the cat box. God they were mean!! Now look, like butter wouldn't melt.
Cat Bree    Picture of Ash the Male Kitten
Within a few days, we could stroke them, then handle them, then pick them up. Now they pick us, because they will come for a stroke and to sit on your lap. They sit watching the telly when the animal programs come on, especially anything to do with cats. I think they like being here now.

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