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Blagdon Village, Chew Valley, North Somerset

Stunning, Uninterrupted Views Overlooking Blagdon Lake and Chew Valley

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I thought showing you pictures of insulation would be a bit boring, so instead you might like to see how the underfloor heating in the kitchen was designed and installed. I suppose this belongs on the kitchen page really, but what the heck, that's my rebellious streak coming out.
Kitchen Underfloor Heating    Underfloor Heating Pipe Layout
Picture Coming Here Soon    Picture Coming Here Soon
I'm not sure if I mention this somewhere else, but the speedfit piping system has been accelerated tested to 50 years of intense use now, and so should last for many years to come. There are NO joins in the pipe underground. They come above ground to join into the central heating system. However, all the pipework can be isolated if needs be. So when you take your shoes off, you are walking on warm tiles which is very comforting.

Cavity Wall Insulation: I've told you about the cavity wall elsewhere to. This was filled with Rockwool back when we moved in.

Styrofoam Insulation Backed with Plasterboard
Every exterior wall has a 2" layer of styrofoam stuck to the wall with a plasterboard finish. As I don't appear to have any pictures of when I did the job, I have found these pictures online, so if you don't know what it looks like, here is the product and how it's installed.
A picture of the insulation    How to fix the styrofoam board
EPC Certificate
Have you ever heard of anything that is as useless as this? What a bloody utter waste of time. An exercise is senseless spending and useless information than you could possibly imagine. Here's why.....

This house is insulated as much as it possibly can be, with extra thick blanket insulation in the roof, floors, walls and behind radiators.

So why am I angry at paying for a useless report?
1.) First, because even though I have the order form and the receipt for payment, I couldn't find the completion certificate for the cavity wall insulation. This was done by a Rockwool company called Homesaver, who operated out of Exeter Airport business park. Rather annoyingly, this company no longer exists, so I can't get a confirmation letter or new certificate of completion. So as far as the EPC inspector goes, he can't include it and records it as a cavity breeze block wall. Which makes nonsense of the report before we even start.

2.) Second, all of the external walls are lined on the inside with 2" styrofoam board, stuck to plasterboard. This came from a company in Bristol called Sheffield Insulations, up in the St.Philips area. This is heavy duty insulation board that sticks to the wall with dry wall contact adhesive, a kind of sticky plaster, that goes off like rock.

You can tap the wall with a knuckle and hear the sort of dull hollow thud that is the sound being absorbed by the styrofoam. Now bear in mind that a 2" panel of styrofoam board has the same U value as a 4" breeze block, thus making the house wall the equivalent of 3 breeze blocks thick in terms of insulative value. But your EPC man can't prove it's there, even though he could if he really wants to, so it's not recorded in the EPC report for the house.

So a house that is insulated beyond all reason, is actually classed as not insulated at all, and might just as well be a canvas tent in a field, for all the good it does.

Okay, having vented my frustration at a 72 report that is meaningless, you must make of it what you will. Thank you for listening.

Here is a link to the EPC report, for what it's worth: EPC-The-Haven-StreetEndLane-Blagdon-Bristol-BS407TW. It will open in a new window or tab and is a pdf file, so you will need to be able to open these on your computer.

There are some glaring irregularities with this report detailed above, but in addition, because it can't include any of the insulation that is in the house (because the inspector couldn't see it), the estimated cost of running this house if 4500 or so. I can tell you this is nonsense and I have my last 6 years of gas bills and electricity bills to prove it doesn't cost a third of this.

About a quarter of the way down there is reference to the roof. Comments are, 'pitched, no insulation', so it assumes there is no insulation at all, when it is all under the floor of the attic. I give up, this is driving me insane!

The report recommends several things; cavity wall insulation (even though it is already done), floor insulation (already done) and energy saving light bulbs (already done). I can accept that he can't look through walls to see the fluffy insulation material between the walls, but he definitely CAN see the bloody energy saving light bulbs hanging out of every light fitting. Is this just lazyness? I can't tell.

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