THE HAVEN - BLAGDON - House For Sale

Blagdon Village, Chew Valley, North Somerset

Stunning, Uninterrupted Views Overlooking Blagdon Lake and Chew Valley

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My Therapy Room, but could be an Office
Garage/Therapy Room/Office
The garage is single width (and currently single depth), but by removing the stud wall at the back, it is possible to make it double depth. It is wide enough to take a large BMW car and still get out of the doors!

How often do garages become useless because of the size of modern cars? I know someone locally who had a garage built and could back his car in but then couldn't get out of any of the doors. How stupid is that?

The back room is converted to a therapy room, but would make a great home office.

The garage has power, light, water and heat, has it's own fuse box and mains supply with multiple sockets.

Garage Repair Pit
If you are a keen mechanic and like to do your own repairs, the garage has a pit with an entrance inside the garage and also via steps from the ground level workshop. It is big enough to stand up under your car/van and work on the suspension, brakes, exhaust, clutch, anything that you need to do that involves getting under the vehicle. It has 4 lights looking up to adequately light your work area.

The central area of the garage is covered with timber and hides the repair pit, with stairs leading down on one side, and exiting into a workshop at the other end. The pit has a full lighting and power supply.

Roller Garage Door
The reasonably new roller door was a replacement for an up and over Mk4 Garador. The roller mechanism is light and easy to open, but can be electrified with the simple addition of a motor. This was supplied by Avon Garage Doors, Paulton, a local merchant.

I originally ordered this with a motor, but shortly after an accident caused me to stop work for a long time. Prior to fitting, I asked the installer to change the order to manual as I was unaware how long it would be before I could get back to work. So he told me just to call for the motor at a later date when I had the means, but to be honest, its so easy to operate, I didn't bother.

Street Light
We do have a street light outside the garage - but it is for our use only. The previous owner worked at Bristol Airport and recycled it during refurbishment work at the airport. The drain covers and grills are also airport standard, because these have to be replaced in airport runways with ridiculous regularity, and would otherwise have been scrapped.

Garage and Car on Deck    Interior of Garage Showing Depth and Pit Cover
Please note: When I had to give up building back in 2001, I lost my garage rights (booooo!). It made sense to keep my transit van in the garage as it was full of building tools and was easier to keep secure back then. But I have a car now and it seemed fair to let Jill keep her cabriolet in there, but not before I lost best out of three, 'rock, paper, scissors', and handed the garage keys over to house her car. Well, you've got to at least TRY to maintain the status quo, haven't you?

The Therapy Room
The back of the garage is currently a therapy room, as this is how I earn my living, as a physical therapist.

The room is insulated in the roof and floor with celotex insulation boards, and the walls have styrofoam on plasterboard glued to the walls as was done to the interior of the house. This makes the space easy to heat and comfortable to work in spring, summer, autumn, winter.

It is spacious and airy, with a beautiful view of the lake and valley. Which is very therapeutic in itself. I would rather not make myself redundant, but on many occasions patients will look out at the view and say, 'I feel better already just looking at that!'. What better way to describe what it is you would be buying into.

The ceiling has a full width roof light and with a glazed door, artificial light is not ever needed unless you work late evenings or into the night.

Seperating wall and safety
The wall between the garage and the therapy room is fire proofed with several layers of heavy duty fireproof plasterboard, and incorporates a vapour barrier, so that vehicle exhaust vapours cannot creep into the therapy room. The therapy room/office has it's own exit door and so there are no worries about escape in an emergency. Although, in practice, there is never a car in the garage during the day when I'm working, as my wife takes it to work.
Showing the Outer Door of the Therapy Room    My Therapy Room and Workspace
This is my therapy room and workspace during the day. Patients will come here for all kinds of problems and issues. Details of my work can be found here:
My Therapy Room and Workspace    My Therapy Room and Workspace
For anyone who appreciates such things, almost every patient I have ever seen, tells me what a beautifully tranquil and therapeutic space my therapy room is; and I don't think they just mean the view. It's almost as if all the healing and the pain that is relieved inside, both physical and emotional, has left its spiritual footprint in the room.

You can call me a knucklehead if you want, and I fully accept you may not believe in such things. But when was the last time you were outside a room that was full of laughter and you felt compelled to go into that joyous atmosphere? Then think of a time when you heard arguing or fighting in the next room, and how reluctant it felt to go in, even if you wanted to help. Perhaps what happens in a space does leave a lasting legacy whether we believe it or not. And on that note, to my knowledge, hand on heart, no one has ever died in this house.
My Therapy Room and Workspace    The View Out of the Window
The last picture shows the view out of the room window. The lake is a bit bleached out because of the sunshine, but it is definitely there! This would make an ideal space for someone who has their own therapeutic practice, or an accountant, or other professional, that just wants to keep home and work seperate.

Interested? Please email your contact details to:
For more information, or answers to questions, or to arrange a viewing, please call Phil or Jill on 01761 462722.