THE HAVEN - BLAGDON - House For Sale

Blagdon Village, Chew Valley, North Somerset

Stunning, Uninterrupted Views Overlooking Blagdon Lake and Chew Valley

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House in-situ on the hillside
The House Exterior - stuff you need to know
The exterior of the house and garage are all rendered with a style of hard render called Tyrolean. Unlike plaster or cement finishes, this type of finish resists cracking. It also helps protect the wall from rain and snow and provides some insulation. A Tyrolean finish is produced by spraying or throwing the render against the wall with the help of a Tyrolean flicker gun. The finish is rock solid.

Insulation of all Exterior walls (from the inside)
All the external walls of the house have a 2" thick layer of styrofoam on plasterboard, glued to the wall with Gyproc Dri-Wall Adhesive. This is further fixed to the wall with hammer fixings to comply with fire regulations.

This type of styrofoam is the best insulating material there is, and a 2" thick board has the U value of a 4" breeze block. This means that the house wall is essentially the equivalent of 3 breeze blocks thick along its entire outer surface.

The miniscule reduction in room size is more than made up for with very much smaller heating bills over the last 21 years.
Side of House Showing Dove Window
Cavity Wall Insulation
In addition to the styrofoam board, the outer breeze block walls are filled with fibre cavity wall insulation, blown in under pressure. The job was done by a Shell backed company.

Wall Ties
In view of the fact that the interior walls of the house were exposed before we moved in, I installed 1000 additional wall ties in the outer walls. This was because the house was built around 1920 and the breeze blocks of the day were made from a kind of fly ash.

The 1000 neoprene and stainless steel wall ties were in addition to the original wall ties, which a snake - fibre optic - camera, showed were all galvanized and in good condition. I'm a belt and braces kind of a guy, and the exposure of the inner walls seemed to lend itself to this precaution.

Double Glazing
The whole house is protected by high quality UPVC double glazing units. White on the inside and Rosewood on the outside. Glazing units are 22mm, with Pilkington K glass. This was an optional extra back when they went in, but of course, now is regulation.

The lounge window that overlooks the lake and valley is 11' across, yes eleven feet. The superb panoramic display that changes daily with the weather and the seasons is the outstanding element of this house that will WOW you on a daily basis. Of that I promise you. We have been here 21 years and still never get tired of looking at the view across Blagdon Lake and the Chew Valley.

All of the door locks and window handles/hinges have been regularly maintained with oil and lubricant, and although well used operate as new throughout.

Exterior showing the big window from the balcony    Front of the House
The Exterior of the House During Winter    The Back of the House
The bottom two pictures show the access to the lower part of the house via the patio doors. Behind those is a small porch leading to what is now a small gym and another room which is currently unfinished. Meaning the walls are done and the ceiling is insulated and ready to board, but the floor is left to do. More details on the link above marked 'extra rooms'.

On the far side of the house there is a sloping path that leads to a small cellar, which does make useful storage space. It's only about 7' wide but is the entire width of the kitchen and finishes level with the foundation of the internal kitchen wall, so quite deep.

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