THE HAVEN - BLAGDON - House For Sale

Blagdon Village, Chew Valley, North Somerset

Stunning, Uninterrupted Views Overlooking Blagdon Lake and Chew Valley

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A party of 10 diners
Dining Area, Computer Area and Open Space
We call this the dining area, but in reality it is used for very many things. The corner is my office, computer room, research facility, study, distribution centre, thinking area and reception. Oh, and when we have a house full, we extend the table and have a jolly good knees up.

The open space is just for when you want to sit and look at the view through the big window. Or listen to some music and relax. You might have other ideas, but I sometimes find this most therapeutic, and other times I just want to shut out the world and listen to the silence.

The picture on the right is a family gathering where we share some of Jill's lovely cooking. Of course, the 10th chair is me taking the picture and watching my dinner go cold. There is plenty of room for us all. Sorry to have blotted out the faces, but I didn't get their permission to use this picture first.
My Computer Area    Looking Towards the Dining Table and Window
This shows my computing area. Notice how I have had to turn my desk away from the window. I found myself so easily distracted by the view that I would get nothing done. But now, this way round, I can focus on work and make progress. The second picture shows the dining table and oak flooring, with the lined curtains that keep the heat in during cold winter evenings.

You can just about make out a little box on the ceiling. This is an extractor fan. I smoked until about 18 years ago when Jordan was born, and then decided to give it up. The fan would extract the smoke above the computer area and vent it outside so it wouldn't affect the rest of the house. But I also found it would quickly cool the room down on a hot day during the summer.
Showing the Chimney Side of the Dining Area    The Moon Through the Dining Room Window
The picture above shows the view towards the kitchen door and the hall door on the right. My music centre is sat on a solid oak shelf and you can see the antique fireplace.

I realize this makes me the laziest person on the planet, but I took this picture of the moon through the dining room window, still sat in my office chair.

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