THE HAVEN - BLAGDON - House For Sale

Blagdon Village, Chew Valley, North Somerset

Stunning, Uninterrupted Views Overlooking Blagdon Lake and Chew Valley

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The Car Parked on the Deck
Car Deck
The car deck was built to give more parking and is an incredibly strong structure. There is a storage area underneath, which is a useful place to store spare roof tiles, ladders or anything else that may need to live outdoors.

The deck is a free-standing structure and not attached to anything else. I used to park a fully laden transit van on it and now a 2 ton Mercedes. It is perfectly safe and strong. How strong? Well, let me explain.

According to the design software program I used, I could have used 6x2" supports at 16" centres across from wall to wall, and 6x1" planks, held down by 4" nails. This would have been perfectly adequate for the job. However, I've always had a reputation for over-building everything, because I understand that regulations laid down are only 'minimum' standards, not the best standard.

I used 7x3" supporting cross beams at 12" centres, and 6x1.5" planks, held in with 5" annular shank nails (so they wouldn't work loose and lift over time). All built using tanilized timber.

The tyre contact point of the software designed deck allowed for 0.5cm compression in the wood, which meant the whole structure would flex everytime you drove over it. My structure would show a compression factor of less than 0.1mm, even when holding up a 2 ton vehicle. I happily park my S-class on here without any worries.

One final point, there are strategically placed grill covers under the car and along the sides of the deck, which allow the wind to circulate under the deck and whizz up through the holes. This ensures the deck stays nice and dry underneath, and dries out quickly after rain, thus extending the life of the wood.

As well as parking for one car in the garage, and one car on the car deck, the Haven has a car parking area in the lane. At a push, you could also park a car on the slope in front of the garage, but it would be a bit like the old TV show 'Butterflies'. Showing my age now, and yours if you can remember that! So 3 comfortably, 4 if you're serious.

Water Tank
As mentioned elsewhere, there is a 300 gallon water tank under the deck that catches rain water from the roof. Pipes run underground to all areas of the garden, to 6 taps on the walls. This is to bring water to where it is needed and to make life easier for the gardener.

All you need is a relatively short hose to plug onto the taps and you're ready to water wherever you happen to be. This can be drained down to the lowest point in the winter to avoid any frost damage.
Cardeck Showing Artificial Grass    Plenty of Room at the Back

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