THE HAVEN - BLAGDON - House For Sale

Blagdon Village, Chew Valley, North Somerset

Stunning, Uninterrupted Views Overlooking Blagdon Lake and Chew Valley

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Bathroom sink, archway and corner cupboard
The Bathroom
The bathroom is rather small, measuring 7'6" x 6', not including the shower that takes up some of the hall space. But it contains everything you need, including a bath, basin, toilet and a rather large towel rail radiator that is also electrically heated by an independant switch. All in white.

Of course, you may want to rip it out and start again, but certain aspects may be interesting to you. The shower has a seat built in. This was done so that if either of us was ill, or just couldn't stand up for any reason, like a bad leg, we could sit under the shower and enjoy being clean without having to call for help. The shower space has it's own light and so is bright to see what you are doing.

The floor is fully tiled, wall to wall. This facilitates cleaning and drying the floor, keeping it all easy to look after.

Nothing much special about the sink or toilet, but the bath is sat on the floor. Most baths are stood up on feet and raised off the floor by a good 6" or more. But I decided that as the bath had a flat bottom, I would rest it on the floor, pass the pipework through the floor into the basement (access via a trapdoor in the bathroom floor), and this would mean that we would have easy access to the bath getting in and out. I have to say, this was one of my better ideas! The top of the bath barely comes up to your knee and there is a chrome plated grab rail for stability getting in and out.
End of bath shelves
Second of all, the bath has dense insulation between it and the wall, plus both ends and the side that has the wooden side panel. Under the floor is also insulated. This means that the bathwater stays hot for up to 2 hours or more. But still there is enough heat and bubbles in the water to clean the drain pipes out whenever you pull the plug.

All of the house mains water and soil pipes are accessed via this aforementioned trap door in the floor. I did spread pea gravel under the house so that it was easy to walk on or kneel on if there was ever any work to do down there. But other than that, it is all well insulated under the bathroom floor with several layers of celotex panels up under the joists. This helps keep the tiles warmer underfoot. A blessing if you ask me.

An emergency light means that if there is a power cut in the night, you can still see to ..... well, you know.

Now when the bathroom was put in, I got the suite from a supplier who had just taken delivery of a shed load of gold plated taps, plugs and drains. 24 carat gold no less! And I must admit that when it went in it all looked absolutely fantastic!!! Gold and white with halogen downlights, well, you just know how good that must have looked. However, over the years, the gold has lost it's lustre or worn off. They still look good, but they are not top of the line anymore, which is a real shame.
Sink and archway                End of bath and shelf unit
Just one thing about the wood shelves behind the bath taps. Of course, I made this myself. Someone had to cut the toughened glass shelves for me as they have holes drilled in them and one has a curve to take a vase with flowers or a candle. The edge of the glass has a strip of sticky lead all along its edge, making it rather functional and easy to clean.

The archway above the sink with the mirror at the back is also handmade. A nice length of chunky wood, cut into what was supposed to look like bricks, and one at the top to form a keystone. Each 'brick' of wood is spaced with a thin strip of mahogany, meant to look like the mortar. Not to everyone's taste, but I hope you like the work that went into it when you see it closeup.

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