THE HAVEN - BLAGDON - House For Sale

Blagdon Village, Chew Valley, North Somerset

Stunning, Uninterrupted Views Overlooking Blagdon Lake and Chew Valley

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Drain Hopper Planters
The balcony is 12'6" x 8'6" and looks out over the lake, need I say more?

The balcony is normal enough in construction, but it is also unique in that it is kept up with Yew trees.

I acquired 2 yew trees from a wood yard and used them as pillars of the balcony, varnished and preserved so they would be long lasting. Want to know what I did?

I had two 5 gallon buckets and stood the tree trunks up in the buckets with several gallons of creosote (in the days when it was still legal to use it) surrounding the base of the trunk, allowing this to soak in. As the creosote disappeared, I would top it up. After about 2 weeks soaking in creosote, I took them out and injected the trunk with boron tablets, which is a powerful preservative.

The trunk that would be underground I wrapped in denso tape, which is heavily greased tape, which would stop water ingress. These were concreted into the ground and the top, ground level edge taped around with Flashband, flashing tape, so that rain and water run-off wouldn't affect the trunks at ground level.

The trunk itself was painted with International Yacht varnish to keep its contours, colour and markings, and to show the richness of Yew wood off at its very best.

The balcony floor is tiled, covered with artificial grass, and accessed from the lounge. The outer edge has a galvanized metal railing that will last virtually forever, and will never need replacing.

The view from here is STUNNING!!! (please see pictures)
View of the Valley from the Balcony
I created the 'Dove at the Window' in about 2004. It is made from a sheet of toughened glass, with lead strip stuck to the window and then the spaces painted with glass paint. I hope you like it.

The whole balcony is fully tiled from floor to ceiling and looks great with a simple wipe over of the tiles about once a year. As you can see from the picture above, the wall has a cascade of downpipe hoppers. These can be topped up with compost and small plants left to make a beautiful display like in the picture. Just water the top one and the overflow goes down through the pots one at a time.
Dove on Side Window   A Rainbow from the Balcony
The balcony has power and light. My wife takes the ironing board out on the balcony in the summer, which makes the job rather less of a trial. Of course, that's bloke talk, ha, ha, but I often find myself out there with a laptop or even a portable TV if I want to watch a film and have a glass of wine in the warmth of the summer breeze. Anyway the power is a useful addition.

Balcony Showing the Yew Trees   The Balcony Railings

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