THE HAVEN - BLAGDON - House For Sale

Blagdon Village, Chew Valley, North Somerset

Stunning, Uninterrupted Views Overlooking Blagdon Lake and Chew Valley

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The Haven, Blagdon, Chew Valley, North Somerset. For Sale 525,000
The View Over Blagdon Lake
Built on the side of the hill with a clear, unobstructed view of Blagdon Lake, end to end, the Chew Valley, hills and valleys on the other side of the lake, and from the roof window, Weston-Super-Mare seafront.

Far in the distance and on the horizon is Bristol Airport. It is most therapeutic sitting on the balcony and watching the planes coming in and out of the airport, sometimes with several planes in the air at the same time, wondering where all those people are coming and going about their business, but without the distraction of hearing any of it. The roar of the engines has long since been whisked away by the prevailing south-westerly wind as it heads up the valley toward Bath.

A little way along is Butcombe, where they used to make the beer of the same name. Perhaps you've tried it. Many of the local pubs sell it and mighty good it is too. The rest of the hills consists of working farms and fields as far as the eye can see.

Forget it, I've changed my mind!!! What was I thinking???
Nah, it's got to go. We've been here and this has been our family home since 1995. It's time someone else enjoyed the view and the location for another 20 years or so.

Here is the view I wake up to every morning! Can you see yourself standing there looking at that?
View of the Lake from the Lounge Window
View of the Lake from the Lounge Window
View of the Lake from the Lounge Window
Yes, that is a bird of prey flying past the window (lucky shot!). There are a pair that live around here. You will often see them circling and hunting in the field below. You may even see them take their prey after a dive as they come over the house to roost up the hill. At tea time you may also see the barn owls in the field from our garden down.
View of the Lake from the Lounge Window
These are winter pictures of the view now, as of 31/12/2016. Imagine what it looks like in the summer when all the trees have their leaves and the fields are bright green. Yes, this is the winter view, believe me, the summer views are staggering beyond belief.

A property with this magnificent asset doesn't come up for sale very often. We were very lucky to have known the previous owner who offered it to us without it going on the market. We took one look at the view and said 'Yes', we'll have it. I took the view that anything that needed doing to the house to bring it up together would benefit us and be done to our taste, so I wasn't bothered that it needed rewiring, replumbing, reroofing and everything else.

The point is, the work is done, you have nothing to do except move in. Of course, there are things you will want to change, but these can usually be done with the minimum of effort and fuss. Where I thought a new owner might want to extend the heating system, I have left pipe tails ready to add a radiator, things like that.

All of the links along the navigation line will take you to pages that will detail everything you need to know about the property and the work that has been done here over the last 20 or so years.

As all of the things that were wrong with this house back then were what I did for a living (repairing and maintaining over 100 student let properties in Bristol), I was in the best place to get the work done, which trust me, was considerable.

The Haven has been refurbished and maintained to a very high standard, and I just want someone to come and fall in love with it, in just the same way we did when we first saw it in 1995, to put their own stamp on it, and appreciate how all the rebuilding has been to future-proof our ability to stay here as long as physically possible. I hope it will offer you the same opportunity.

The front of The Haven
The Front of the House    The Front Path of the House
The Haven House Sign    The Front Path of the House
Please note: Gradually, over the next few days, these pages will fill up with pictures and details of The Haven. In the meantime, if you want to take a look, please email below for an appointment and I will reply with a phone number. Thank you. It will not be dolled up for viewing, so I hope you can forgive us if we are in a bit of a muddle when you come, but then you won't be buying the muddles and dirty dishes, will you?

Interested? Please email your contact details to:
For more information, or answers to questions, or to arrange a viewing, please call Phil or Jill on 01761 462722.